Reliability at drilling oil

For a machine manufacturer in the oil and gas industry, MCAP has been supplying explosion-proof cables for years. Throughout the world, wells on land and on the seabed are monitored and maintained with their machines. In these harsh conditions high demands are also set on the cabling.

“We didn’t want to make the cabling ourselves anymore and the quality of the cables had to go up. Since MCAP produces the cables, we can trust that they always meet the requirements and we need less stock.”


Explosion proof cables

Explosion protection plays an important role in the oil and gas industry. For this kind of cables, we developed a method of gas-tightening the connectors. A proven potting completely closes the connectors, contacts and wires. In addition, we use connectors that meet the requirements for intrinsic ignition safety. Safety first.



All components in the oil and gas industry must comply with strict standards such as DNV and Germanischer Lloyd. MCAP knows what it’s all about.

Leave the production of cables for the oil and gas industry up to MCAP. The highest quality according to the latest standards. Take no risk and let us participate.