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Colleague Patricia van Elewout takes the floor

Patricia van Elewout joined MCAP in 2004 and appreciates the variety of work and the friendly atmosphere of the family business.

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Colleague Heleen Gijsbers takes the floor

Heleen Gijsbers has worked at MCAP since 1991. During that time, her position grew and she saw the family business develop itself into a major player in the world of high-quality cable assemblies.

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Choose made in the Netherlands

We live in an age of globalisation, with companies often opting for production in faraway countries. Yet that is not necessarily needed. MCAP proves that you can find quality, commitment and craftsmanship close by.

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Expanded Beam optical fibre for industry

Expanded Beam makes optical fibre in modular ODU connector for industry easy and long-term reliable.

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Repair cable or throw it away?

To produce the highest quality cable assemblies, we work according to the international IPC/WHMA-A-620B standard. This way our customers know that our cable assemblies are produced and checked in the right way.

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Cable assemblies according to IPC/WHMA-A-620E standard

To produce the highest quality cable assemblies, we work according to the international IPC/WHMA-A-620E standard. This way our customers know that our cable assemblies are produced and checked in the right way.

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The importance of proper marking

There are countless ways of marking cables. Of course, this makes connecting the cable easy, but there are many other reasons why properly marking cables is important. Martin van Aperloo explains.

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Nep group uses high-quality fibre optic cables in media productions

NEP Group is a leading media technology company in the world and provides innovative media services. These services enable their customers to create, manage and show content to the world – anywhere, anytime, and on any platform.

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Countless applications for Molex-Microfit connectors

Micro-Fit connectors from Molex are used in many different machines and devices. From cars to washing machines and from telecom systems to medical equipment. For years, MCAP has assembled these small connectors in cable-to-cable and cable-to-pcb connections.

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The power of relationship

The fiber optic landscape is just a small world. Martin van Aperloo has been experiencing this for years. Again and again he meets old acquaintances. Just like with Fiber Optic Center’s Erwin Gelderblom. An interview with another glass fiber specialist.

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Big or small? We know what to do with it!

For more than 30 years MCAP has been a family business developing and assembling cabling. Their assembly workers produce copper cables and fiber optic cables every day for various applications, but sometimes the contrast can hardly be greater. That’s when work is carried out simultaneously on heavy duty industrial copper cables, but also on extremely small fiber optic cables.

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MCAP develops the world's first industrial connector with expanded beam optical fiber

How nice it would be if an industrial hybrid connector with power, signal and optical fiber would be suitable for connecting and disconnecting on a daily basis. That’s what one of MCAP’s customers thought at the beginning of 2019. A year later it’s there, developed by MCAP in collaboration with ODU and Fibreco.

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Fiber-optic connection helps cyclomedia to visualize streets

At MCAP we regularly have to deal with projects where our innovative strength and patience are necessary. With Cyclomedia we have been working for several years on the development and refinement of a special fiber optic connection that helps to accurately visualize streets. The story behind a special project.

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Good cabling still partially human labor

Most people know that MCAP cable & glass fiber assemblies produces cable assemblies. But what skills and steps are necessary for making high-quality and reliable fiber optic and copper cables? We ask Bianca, one of the many experienced assembly employees within the company.

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Revolutionary Neutrik connector for Broadcast and AV

As an official Neutrik partner, we are very enthusiastic about the new opticalCON DRAGONFLY connector. This revolutionary hybrid fiber optic and copper connection has specifically been developed for the Broadcast and AV market and offers many benefits.

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Girlsday on april 11 2019

How can a company show that women are perfectly capable of practicing a technical profession? You open the doors during the national Girls Day. That's what MCAP Cable & Glassfiber Assemblies did on Thursday 11 April. Because there too, it is the ladies who carry out the technical work.

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Heavy transport

“Functionally, I already knew exactly what it was supposed to be, but then? No idea. That’s why I went looking for help. I found that help with MCAP. No doubt about it!” These are the words of Hermen Kamp, Project Coordinator Equipment Management Department at logistic service provider Mammoet in Schiedam, the Netherlands.

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No more signal loss due to dirty fibre optic connectors

No more signal loss due to dirty fibre optic connectors. Thanks to the Expanded Beam connectors from Fibreco and Stratos, dirt is no longer a reason for signal loss. They are insensitive to contamination and allow the optical signal to pass through effortlessly.

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Antistatic synonym for active?

Over the last years, a lot has been changed at MCAP. For decades the family owned company has been a major player at high-quality fibre optic assemblies and copper cables, but their working area has expanded considerably in the meantime.

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Business Club Amerstreek members surprised

There are numerous ways of marking cables. Of course this makes connecting the cable easy, but there are many more reasons why good marking of cables is important. Martin van Aperloo explains.

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30 years old and still not grown

MCAP started in 1987 with the production of mainframe computer cables. Two years later, the processing of fibre optic cables was started cautiously. Meanwhile, the family owned company has been going on for 30 years and since 1991 it has been located at De Bliek in Raamsdonksveer. Thanks to the critical eye, the large resolving power and the proactive attitude of MCAP, the company developed it selves into a specialist at copper and fibre optic assemblies.

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Affordable broadcast fibre optic connector with the light never going down

TV broadcasts, light shows and festivals can simply continue with J-Lite, the newest member of Fibreco’s Expanded Beam fibre optic connector series.

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How an extremely expensive project falls down into water

In 2014 we were approached by Nikhef, simply with an e-mail. If we could build something for them. “Bring it on”, we said, not quite knowing what to expect.

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There is a burden off our shoulders

That’s what one of our customers said when the assembling of their module was handed out to us.

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Hybrid cable saves cables and connectors

Within the world of constructing machines and equipment it’s very well possible to save on the amount of cables and connectors. With the right design, power, coaxial cables, ethernet cables, optical fibers, air or fluid lines can be combined into one hybrid cable. MCAP cable & glassfiber assemblies can help you with this.

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Neutrik cables repaired within 24 hours

The broadcast has been scheduled and the crew gets ready. During the collection of the materials you find out that a cable has been broken or damaged. What are you going to do now?

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Because of our extensive experience, we are often involved in the design process. We always approach everything from different angles and with our creative ideas, we often come up with surprising solutions. This assures you of the most ideal cable assembly for your application at the best price. We are also more than willing to think along with you for further optimisation of your existing design.