MCAP is a specialist in the production of customised cable assemblies with copper and optical fibers, and in the assembly of mechanical and electronic parts. We optimise your design, making the final product smarter, more efficient, more reliable and possibly even cheaper. Therefore, MCAP provides the perfect solution for your application.

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Cable assemblies with optical fiber

We find a solution for every fiber optic application. With our decades of experience, brand independence and advanced equipment, we have become the fiber optic experts of the Netherlands. Where others say something can't be done, we will proceed. This is how we always come up with the perfect fiber optic assembly for your connection.

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"MCAP is a great collaboration partner. Whoever I get on the phone, everyone knows what it’s all about and is aware of what’s going on."

Fred Duel

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Cable assemblies with copper

It's only a copper cable, but cabling is a determining factor for the performance of equipment. The quality of cable assemblies depends on various factors: the connectors, the cable used and the precision with which they are assembled and checked. So don't let your cable assembly be the weakest link and choose high and consistent quality.

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Hybrid assemblies

In addition to cable assemblies containing only copper or optical fiber, we also produce hybrid cables. Here copper wires, optical fiber and tubes for air, water or oil are combined in one connector and one cable bundle. In all kinds of applications, this is the solution to save on cables and connectors.

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Building modules and devices

From loose parts to a sub-assembly or final product. MCAP builds modules or devices in small to medium series where quality and reliability are priority and the delivery time won't be a discussion. Module building that you can rely on.

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Because of our vast experience, we are often involved in the design process. We approach things from different angles and with our creative ideas we often come up with surprising solutions. This assures you of the most optimal cable assembly for your application at the best price. We are happy to work with you to further optimise your existing design.

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