Urgent repair

Being confronted with a damaged cable or connector is never a good thing. Certainly not if you need the cable quickly and do not have a spare one. That's why we repair your damaged copper cable or fibre optic cable quickly and professionally. If necessary, even within 24 hours.


Have a damaged copper cable repaired

The contacts of a connector are often small, thin and vulnerable. Frequent or careless connecting or disconnecting of the connector can damage these contacts. But this also applies to the outer jacket that protects the wiring. Whatever the damage to a copper cable, we will be pleased to assess whether the cable can still be repaired and then carry out the repair quickly. We have many parts and tools to help you quickly and professionally.

Damaged connector

Repair of cables with Neutrik OpticalCon

Neutrik OpticalCon connectors are widely used in the audio and video sector. Because not a second should be missed there, A/V companies usually have their cables sufficiently available. If cables appear to be damaged after a recording, broadcast or festival registration, they are sent to us to assess whether the cable can be repaired. After a visual check and a test, we know exactly whether or not it is viable. If so, we repair the cable quickly and professionally. Often within 24 hours. After all, we are Neutrik certified.

Damaged OpticalCon

Cables with Expanded Beam connectors can also break down

Expanded Beam connectors are known for their faultless operation, even if they are dirty or slightly damaged. This distinguishes them from other fibre optic connectors, which fail at the slightest dirt. Nevertheless, Expanded Beam connectors can also break down. Is this the case for you? No problem. As a certified assembler of Fibreco Expanded Beam fibre optic connectors, we will fit a new one in no time.

Damaged EB

Repair of regular fibre optic cables

In the case of short fibre optic patch cables, it’s sometimes not cost-effective to repair them. But when it comes to long lengths or fibre-optic assemblies with several fibres, it can be interesting to repair a damaged cable or connector. Therefore we estimate the costs in advance, so that you will not be faced with any surprises.

Damaged fibre optic cable

Damaged cables repaired professionally

Do you have one or more damaged copper or fibre optic cables, of which the length is still sufficient and which are worth repairing? Then please contact us without any obligation. We will be happy to assess with you whether repair is possible and financially responsible.

Neutrik and Fibreco certified

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Neutrik and Fibreco certified

MCAP is a NEUTRIK certified OpticalCon assembler and a FIBRECO approved termination partner.


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