Audiovisual & Lightning

Portable broadcast cameras, broadcast vehicles and floating stadium cameras. Just a few applications for our cable assemblies in the media and television industry. By selecting high-quality connectors, frequent connecting and disconnecting is possible under all circumstances. Flexible cabling that can withstand harsh conditions prevents signal loss. This way, not a moment gets lost.


Military & Aerospace

Wherever in the world and under all circumstances the most crucial connections must be reliable. For cable assemblies and equipment for the military, aviation and aerospace industry, quality and durable functionality are the highest priority. Therefore, we only use components of the highest specifications and manufacture under the IPC/WHMA-A-620B standard.


Industry & Off-shore

In industrial applications, continuity is the key, even though the conditions can be extreme. By using quality components, the commitment of our experts and meticulously described work processes, we can guarantee this continuity. From single pieces to larger series, each cable assembly or assembled module is checked and tested for long-term performance.


Medical & Analysis

When every second counts, technology cannot let us down. That is why we manufacture high-quality cable assemblies on which everyone can rely. But also in less urgent situations, medical equipment must function flawlessly and be easy to use. This is where our cleverly designed cable solutions assist.


Science & Climate

Where others say it can' t be done, we will proceed. That is precisely why our cable assemblies are frequently used in special research equipment. Science is based on data. That's why we build our cable assemblies, assembled modules and devices exactly to the customer's specification, or even better. So that science can rely on their equipment.


Our customers operate in many different sectors. From industry to the military and from television and media productions to science. Our cable assemblies and assembled modules are thus exposed to all kinds of conditions and must therefore meet a wide range of requirements. Because we approach design and production from different angles, we come up with surprising solutions using our creative ideas and experience. This is how our assemblies provide long-term performance in space, on land or miles under water. 

MCAP assemblies - Customised cables and modules for every application