A hybrid cable is a cable with, for example, copper wires for power supply and optical fibers for signal in one outer sheath and possibly even in a shared connector housing. But combinations with, for instance, coaxial cables, Ethernet cables and tubes for air or liquids are also possible. We assemble hybrid cable assemblies according to your requirements.


The perfect solution

Hybrid cables are used in various sectors, such as in medical equipment, the food industry, for drives or television cameras. In these sectors, the choice for hybrid cables is made because it saves costs, but also because it makes a connection 'foolproof'. Only one action is required to connect or disconnect. This means that fewer mistakes are made, and the connection is completed quicker. We know from experience that hybrid cables are a perfect solution for almost every application.

The advantage of hybrid cables:

  • Greater ease of use
  • Cost reduction
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Development of hybrid cable assemblies

We like to be challenged to develop the most optimal cable assemblies for your application. For outdoors or indoors, for extreme conditions or a controlled environment, and brand independent. Where others say something is impossible, we will proceed. We help you with the ideal arrangement of connectors so that the various copper wires, optical fibers or cables continue to function under all conditions. But we are also more than willing to re-examine existing cable designs to optimise them even further. We always find a way to develop the best solution. That is what drives us.

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Combined cable with optical fiber

For cables with long lengths, or those that have to process high currents or large quantities of data signals, the combination with fiber optics is ideal. This is because optical fibers can transmit large amounts of information very quickly. It is also insensitive to external radiation caused by high currents or other radiation sources. This is why optical fibers can be easily processed in hybrid cables.

Do you also want to save on cable costs without making concessions on quality and reliability? Then contact us without any obligations and challenge us.


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