We are the specialist for reliable cable assemblies for power supply, control and signal transmission. We develop and build cable assemblies for countless applications in small and large series.


Craftsmanship of our people

As cabling specialists, we pay close attention to the quality. Not only is the choice of components decisive for the quality and function of cable assemblies, but this also applies to the method of assembling. Our experts have years of experience with various cable assemblies for a wide range of applications. Both with electrical cable assemblies, as well as hybrid connections where copper wires are combined with optical fibers and tubes for air, water or oil.

A high-quality cable assembly ensures:

  • Fewer disruptions
  • Better performance
  • Longer life span
  • Greater ease of use
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Development partner for cable assemblies

During our more than 30 years of existence, many customers have benefited from our drive to develop the most optimal cable assembly for the application. But we also like to re-examine existing products in order to optimise them even further. So, even if you have the most difficult question, we like to be challenged. We will always find a way to develop the best solution. That’s what drives us.

Challenge us

We think in terms of solutions

Different machines, devices and applications require different cable connections. These depend on the user, the circumstances, the required life span and the budget. For all these choices, we can help you determine the optimal connectors, the ultimate cable and the best protection. This is due both to our years of experience and our brand independence. We offer customised cable assemblies, so with us you are never tied to a particular component manufacturer.

Contact us as early as possible in your design phase. then we will help you develop the perfect cable assembly for your application.

MCAP assemblies - Problem solvers that provide the best cable assembly

"Thanks to our close partnership we can respond even better to the needs of the customer. MCAP is fast and accurate."


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