With building modules an devices, we assemble - in addition to cable products - individual mechanical and electronic components into complete devices or modules. That makes us a One-Stop Assembly Shop.


Optimising design

With our critical view on the smart assembling of components, we are often challenged to optimise the original design for our customers. By doing so, we make the final product smarter, more efficient, more reliable, and perhaps even cheaper. For this reason, our customers are good at designing and selling smart and innovative products or systems, while our professionals are specialised in assembling cabling and electronics in housings and other mechanical components.


Module building in small to medium series

We build modules or devices from small to medium series where quality and reliability are the main priorities, and the delivery time does not become a discussion. That is module building you can rely on. We feel co-responsible for the success of our customers and therefore go to the limit.

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Delivery of components

Sometimes, our customers supply the individual components themselves at the beginning of a module building project. But if you really want to be unburdened, and want to limit the number of suppliers, article numbers or hassle, we can even take over the sourcing of the components for you.

Challenge us


Modifications and revisions

If the designs of your modules or devices are subject to changes, our people will adapt directly with you. We receive compliments on our tight drawing management, the always reliable delivery time, and the consistent quality of our assemblies. So, you can rely on that.

Are you looking for a reliable partner for the assembly of individual components and cabling in devices or modules? Then please contact us without any obligations.

MCAP assemblies - The committed assemblers for module building and cable assembly


"They bring focus points to our attention and propose solutions that we ourselves hadn’t thought of yet. MCAP is an excellent partner."


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