The designing of special cabling is a common activity for us. Since we are cabling experts, our customers see significant added value in this. We do this for a variety of applications, sometimes from scratch, but more often to optimise an existing design.


Optimisation of existing designs

Machine builders or equipment manufacturers usually develop a cabling solution with standard components themselves. That is, of course, the easiest way to go about it, but in special applications or more extreme circumstances, this often leads to problems. One time the connection is not reliable. The other time there are electrical or optical problems. That is when they knock on our door.


Modification of existing parts

Because we approach things from different angles and are very creative in devising solutions, we often come up with surprising ideas. We can print parts ourselves with a 3D printer or work in cooperation with metal or plastic specialists. For example, we can modify existing connectors or replace or add components. We have proved to be an added value on numerous of these occasions. The same applies to the cables used. Together with cable manufacturers, we are able to create customised cabling solutions that are optimised for your application.

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Designing unusual optical fiber solutions

Optical fiber is used for more applications than just digital signals, such as in telecom and broadcasting. Fiber optics allows light to pass through, and this can come from various sources. We, for instance, designed and manufactured a probe based on fiber optic technology for measuring gases and liquids. Nothing is too exciting for us and we like to be challenged to design special connection solutions.

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Electronics and connectors

We also provide added value in the design of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Not because we know a lot about designing the PCB itself, but we do know everything about the wired connections on it. We can advise you on choosing the perfect PCB connectors and the opposite connectors to the cable. Would you like us to help you designing an optimal connection? Please contact us for more information or an appointment.

MCAP assemblies - Connection solutions from design to realisation

"After a few days we already had two 3D-printed prototypes in our hands, with exactly the solution we needed!"

Hermen Kamp - Mammoet

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