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The most optimal fiber optic assembly, tailored to your specific application. With optical fibers only or as a hybrid cable combined with copper wires or tubes for air, water or oil. For over 30 years, MCAP has been the specialist for fiber optic assemblies for data centres, aerospace, the military, machine building, agriculture and medical equipment.


Craftsmanship and experience

We find a solution for every fiber optic application. With our decades of experience, brand independence and advanced equipment, we have become the fiber optic expert in the Netherlands. If someone says it can' t be done, we will proceed. This is how we always find the perfect solution for your fiber optic connection.

Cooperation with MCAP offers:

  • A real sparring partner
  • The best fiber optic connection
  • Highest and consistent quality
  • All assemblies 100% tested
  • Reliable delivery times
  • Timely and clear communication
  • No surprises
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Designing fiber optic assemblies

Do you have a question about a particular fiber optic connection? We have already designed specific solutions or optimised existing designs for countless customers. This made them smarter, more efficient, more reliable and sometimes even cheaper. MCAP will also design and produce the ultimate optical fiber assembly for your application. Do you want to stop worrying about your fiber optic connection? Then contact us straight away and we will offer you the solution.

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"We have very good contact with the people from MCAP and they communicate well."

Cees Bos - NEP Group

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We think in terms of solutions

Each type of machine, device or application requires a different optical fiber connection. This doesn’t only depend on the circumstances, but also on the required life span, the user and the budget. For all these variables, we can help you determine the optimal fiber optic connectors, the ultimate fiber optic cable and the best protection. This is due to our many years of specialisation, as well as our brand independence. All our optical fiber assemblies are custom-made, so with us you are never tied to a particular component manufacturer.

Contact us as early as possible during your design process. Then we will help you develop the perfect optical fiber assembly for your application.


MCAP assemblies - Specialists for the best optical fiber assembly