Within the world of constructing machines and equipment it’s very well possible to save on the amount of cables and connectors. With the right design, power, coaxial cables, ethernet cables, optical fibers, air or fluid lines can be combined into one hybrid cable. MCAP cable & glassfiber assemblies can help you with this.

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Hybrid cable with optical fiber

Hybrid cables are used in many different industries, such as medical equipment, food industry, drives and camera technology. Not only because of the limited costs, but also to make a ‘fool proof’ connection possible. For long distances, high current or large amounts of data signals, the combination with optical fibers is the ideal solution. The advantage of optical fiber is that it can quickly transport large volumes of information. It’s also insensitive to external radiation caused by high currents or other radiation sources. Large distances can easily be covered without loss of signal. Let MCAP participate in your design process and save on your cabling without any concessions.


For assembling your hybrid cable with optical fibers you go to the specialist. MCAP cable & glassfiber assemblies has many years of experience in assembling different types of hybrid cables of different brands and for various applications. As an involved partner, MCAP likes to participate in the design. We will help you with the optimum arrangement of the connector so that the different wires or tubes will function optimally under all conditions. MCAP is the only cable assembly company in the Netherlands that specializes in processing fiber optic cables combined with copper wires and air or fluid lines.

We build Dutch quality and keep short lines. Call or mail us  already during the design phase and we will provide the ultimate solution for your connection.

Service and repair

Prevent fiber optic connections from becoming dirty or damaged. If this is the case, please contact us immediately. MCAP inspects these cables extensively and, if necessary, they are repaired and tested by our experts promptly.

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Together with you, we look for the cable or fiber optic connection that best fits your specific circumstances.