Challenge at heavy transport quickly resolved through perfect cooperation

“Functionally, I already knew exactly what it was supposed to be, but then? No idea. That’s why I went looking for help. I found that help with MCAP. No doubt about it!” These are the words of Hermen Kamp, Project Coordinator Equipment Management Department at logistic service provider Mammoet in Schiedam, the Netherlands.

Looking for a solution

For Mammoet’s heavy Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs), he was looking for a cabling solution to split a signal to a new system. The existing situation had to remain unchanged. With a very limited space where everything also had to be very robust, this was a job that he couldn’t just be carried out by regular cable suppliers. This was special.


Hermen used Google, filled in some key terms and found MCAP’s website. “My first impression was good immediately. It was clear for me that MCAP is not a too big company, which gave me a feeling of flexibility. I also saw they are active in different industries and often do the specialized jobs. But when I saw the button ‘Challenge us’, I thought: ‘That’s just what I will do!’ Shortly afterwards their sales engineer Albert van Lieshout came to visit us in the workshop to see the situation between the wheels of the SPMTs with his own eyes.”

Lightning fast reaction

“Albert consulted with MCAP owner Martin van Aperloo and after a few days we already had two 3D-printed prototypes in our hands, with exactly the solution we needed! We tried them out and it worked perfectly. What a happy feeling.”

Later, two SPMTs were carried out with further developed prototypes, and the results proved to be good.

The application

An SPMT is used to move the heaviest loads and is the basic building block of a larger modular system. Each module can be linked to other modules both in length and in width. A computer ensures the modules respond as one vehicle, with all axles individually being electronically controlled.

Mammoet is using around 600 of these SPMTs worldwide. The current generation was built between 2005 and 2018 and all Mammoet’s SPMTs use the same control technology.

With the new system to be added they will be able to see where an individual SPMT is located in the world and whether it’s due for maintenance, all from a central location. This allows Mammoet to manage its fleet much better and that offers many advantages.

Deliberately chosen for the best solution

“In the meantime, I personally picked up the first large batch of transitions at MCAP,” Hermen continues. “By working with MCAP, we haven’t opted for the cheapest solution, but for the best. And that was most important to us.”

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