With 26 years of employment, Bianca can be described as a loyal and experienced employee. She can fully confirm that assembling qualitative cabling is a craftsmanship that requires precision. “In December 1993 my sister told me that people were still needed in production at MCAP. They then were just 2 years at De Bliek in Raamsdonksveer. Because I always liked to tinker, that seemed like something to me. I immediately enjoyed the work, but I was impressed by the steps that had to be taken. You don’t do that just like that.”



“If we train a new employee nowadays, we see the same reaction. We take new employees along all the steps that must be taken to deliver a perfect product. The most important thing is that we always first make one complete copy of each series. It will be extensively tested, so that we know exactly whether the procedure is correct and whether the end product meets the customer requirements. For example, each wire is subjected to a tensile test, the end product is visually checked, and an electronic test is performed. Only when everything is right we’ll start the rest of the series.”


Customer-specific cabling

“Because we make customer-specific cabling, there is a lot of variation. That’s why the process starts with good reading. For this we have the work order, a drawing of the assembly, a bill of material of all individual parts and a step-by-step plan with all actions and associated tools. The individual parts have already been collected by our men from the warehouse.”



“Many operations are performed semi-automatically with advanced machines, but there is still manual work to do. With a barcode scanner every action is processed in the electronic order. This way everything is registered and traceable, which is very important for our quality assurance.”

“Depending on the customer, the cables are packed together individually or in specific numbers, always bearing the customer logo. A test report can be added at customer’s request.”


Family business with nice work

Bianca has been holding it up at MCAP for a long time. What makes working at MCAP so special? “First, we make beautiful things for special applications. I really like to know what a certain cable is used for. Sometimes it’s for high-quality medical equipment, and sometimes for scientific purposes. You realize that it’s important to work accurately for a perfect end product as result. For this you sometimes have to have a lot of patience.”

“We develop many new products for customers and I really like that. Then I help making prototypes. Another thing that’s special is the fact that MCAP is a family business that takes good care of the employees, and that feels good.”

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