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Girls from Dongemond College visiting MCAP

During Girlsday 2019, science, technology and ICT companies throughout the Netherlands opened their doors to girls aged 10 to 15. MCAP Cable & Glassfiber Assemblies embraced this initiative and received 38 girls from Dongemond College.

Girlsday is intended to introduce girls to technology, ICT and science-related professions. A visit to such a company helps to broaden their vision on science, technology and ICT, enabling them to make a better career choice.

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Precise and accurate

During a tour of his company, Martin van Aperloo explained to the girls that ladies are generally very good at precise and fine work. That is why MCAP mainly employs women in production. They work very precisely when preparing, tailoring and assembling connectors on fiber optic and copper cables, or installing and connecting components in modules.

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To make it extra interesting for the girls, Martin and his wife Corina also prepared a workshop. They all received a number of separate parts that they were allowed to assemble in the correct way, according to an attached technical drawing, or assemble, as it is called at MCAP. It soon became clear to the girls that good reading, working step by step and checking yourself is important in this type of work.

When one girl had already finished the assignment, some others were still playing around with the thin wires and the small connectors. For example, a company visit like this provides direct insight into who is interested in certain activities and who have an aptitude for it and who is not. This helps these girls in making their further study choice.

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The family business, which employs 12 women and 6 men, specializes in complex and high-quality connections of copper and fiber optic cables. Customers who value their expertise range from science and defense, to industry and medical applications.

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