At MCAP we regularly have to deal with projects where our innovative strength and patience are necessary. With Cyclomedia we have been working for several years on the development and refinement of a special fiber optic connection that helps to accurately visualize streets. The story behind a special project.

“With Mobile Mapping we collect large-scale and systematic geographical data,” says Cula Barreto. He is a system architect and manager of the development department Recording at the Dutch company Cyclomedia. “While driving, our systems create 360° images and a LiDAR point cloud that captures the environment in 3D with extreme precision. We currently do this in Europe and in the United States. These images and point clouds are used by governments, but also for example by road builders, solar panel installers and insurers.”


The company’s origins was based on a PhD graduate research at the Technical University Delft in the 1980s. “It started with Kodak black and white film, which was developed and digitized afterwards. The car had to stop every 10 meters, after which the equipment was calibrated. Then a picture was made and the driver had to put a cross on the map. But that’s history. Now we collect our data at normal traffic speed. Land surveyors actually do not have to leave the office anymore and can now determine almost everything from behind their computer.”


“To continue to be ahead with our technology, we are constantly developing. Both software and hardware. Even before a new generation of systems is ready, we are already busy with the next one.”

“With my team I try to invent things that do not yet exist; the philosophy of creating. I strive for a timeless architecture in a scalable environment and want to get the most out of it.”

“The systems installed on the roof of our cars run in all kinds of weather and are read out several times a day. This requires cables that can transfer Petabytes of data during their lifetime, but can also be connected and disconnected thousands of times without any problems. This is a challenging combination, but we were quite far with the design when I ended up at MCAP by someone else.”


“I soon noticed that Martin van Aperloo has the same way of thinking as me. He also has a creative spirit and enjoys experimenting. Together we can exchange ideas in an accessible way and he proceeds with it enthusiastic. He fits in perfectly with my vision, and that makes it special. ”

“Martin has further refined the idea that I had about a certain fiber optic connection. With his expertise, he contributes to an even better solution, whereby we have to balance between special assemblies and standard components. The price per kilometer must remain as low as possible, without compromising on quality. So far, it looks promising and we’re happy with MCAP’s added value.”



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