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The simplicity of standard fiber optic connectors and robustness and protection for heavier conditions. That’s Neutrik’s opticalCON system. As an official assembly partner, MCAP is the appropriate party for advising and assembling opticalCON cabling.

From 2 to 24 fibers

The opticalCON system consists of four variants: 2-, 4-, 12- and 24 fiber connections. The opticalCON DUO and opticalCON QUAD cabling systems are based on standard LC connectors, providing a flexible solution for mobile applications. For example, these fiber optic cables are commonly used in the entertainment industry. Worldwide, many professional audio, video and lighting equipment are equipped with these cables and connectors as standard. Mobile and industrial equipment is increasingly being provided with these robust connections too. Ask us for advice if you also need a robust fiber optic connection..


In addition to opticalCON fiber optic connectors, there are also hybrid combinations of 4 x 0.75mm2 copper wires for power and 2 multimode OM3 glass fibers for signals, assembled in one connector.

Fast delivery

MCAP has been the glass fiber specialist in the Netherlands for 30 years. With service-oriented craftmanship and advanced equipment, we always provide a reliable connection. This applies to new cabling, but also for the repair of used cables. Most Neutrik parts are in stock, so fast delivery is guaranteed. Call or email us and we will get started for you right away.

Neutrik cables repaired within 24 hours

The broadcast has been scheduled and the crew gets ready. During the collection of the materials you find out that a cable has been broken or damaged. What are you going to do now?

MCAP cable & glassfiber assemblies is an authorized cable assembly company and in most cases ensures a damaged cable will be professionally repaired within 24 hours.

12 or 24-channel

If more channels are required in a fiber optic connection, you can opt for the opticalCON MTP system, based on the proven 12 or 24 fiber MTP connector. The additional features include the metal housing, dust cover and IP65 dust and waterproofing in mated condition. In short: a secure push-pull multi-purpose solution for the heavier applications.

MCAP is a Neutrik Certified OpticalCON Assembler



Together with you, we look for the cable or fiber optic connection that best fits your specific circumstances.