KM3NET measures big bang through cables

For Nikhef (Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics), MCAP has developed cables for a super telescope that can detect neutrino particles. These particles come from distant astrophysical sources such as supernova’s, gamma rays or colliding stars, and can tell us more about the origin of the universe. More Downing Muons KM3Ne This super-telescope KM3NeT consists of a network of cables and spheres with detectors and has a range of more than one cubic kilometre. Because of the great scientific importance, the project is followed by scientists worldwide.


Special cables

For KM3NeT we developed tubes of 40 meters in length with power cables and optical fibers. These tubes are linked together to long cables between glass spheres with sensors, so called Digital Optical Modules. The tubes are filled with oil to withstand high pressure at a depth of 3 to 5 km in the Mediterranean Sea. We have developed a special production method to produce these exceptional cables.


High reliability

To withstand the extreme circumstances, the cables and connections must be of a high grade and extremely reliable. They must resist high pressure, flow, salt and collisions with deep-sea creatures. Those are the challenges we like to enter, because where others say something is impossible, we will continue.

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