Cabling specialist

As a cabling specialist for copper and fibre optic cables, we are involved by companies at home and abroad in challenging projects in all kinds of sectors. From television and media productions to industry, defence and science. As a cabling specialist, we guarantee we can help you too. Whether your cable is to be used in space, on land or miles under water. You may challenge us.

In many cases, our customers already have a design, whereby we as cabling specialists are often able to come up with one or more improvements. Our creative ideas and surprising solutions result in an optimised cable design. And sometimes even at lower costs.

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Customised fibre optic cabling

Almost everything we produce for our customers is custom-made, using numerous types of fibre optic cables and connectors. From heavy industrial fibre optic connectors to 24-way MTP connectors used in data centres, and everything in between. This also means that we have a solution for every fibre optic application. With some 35 years of experience, brand independence and advanced equipment, we are considered the fibre optic expert in the Netherlands regarding cable assembly. Where someone else says something is impossible, we proceed and provide the perfect solution for your fibre optic connection.

Assemblies with copper cable

Cable assemblies for power, control and signal transmission with copper cable are also part of our daily business. We also develop and build these for various applications in small and large series. As a cabling specialist, we also pay a great deal of attention to the quality of copper cable, as we do with fibre optic assemblies. Our customers see this reflected in the choice of components and in our professional manner of assembly, finishing and testing.

Combined cables

To make installation quicker and easier, more and more customers are opting for hybrid cabling. Here we combine copper cables with fibre optic cables, and sometimes even with tubes for air, liquid or oil. With only one combined connector at each end, connecting or disconnecting the cable is easy.

Cabling specialist with a familial nature

As a family-owned company, we have always remained approachable and accessible since our foundation in 1987. That’s one of our core values. Partly because of this, we have built up a loyal customer base, including some from the very beginning. In addition, we think proactively and communicate well. We listen to our customers and suppliers, and if a complaint comes in, we act immediately. Can we unexpectedly not keep our promise? Then we pick up the phone and inform the customer personally. Because that is important to us.

So are you looking for a real cabling specialist for the assembly of copper cable, fibre optic cable or a combination of these? Then contact us without obligation and challenge us.