The fiber optic landscape is just a small world. Martin van Aperloo has been experiencing this for years. Again and again he meets old acquaintances. Just like with Fiber Optic Center’s Erwin Gelderblom. An interview with another glass fiber specialist. 

“I was taken to MCAP by my then sales manager 27 years ago,” Erwin says. “I was introduced to Martin van Aperloo, who knew my sales manager from the past. Since then I’ve worked at various companies and they all knew MCAP already. Meanwhile, I’ve been working as Technical Sales for the EMEA region for 11 years already for Fiber Optic Center, an international distributor of fiber optic components, equipment and supplies. We mainly supply this to companies who are producing cable assemblies.”

Help and trust

“It struck me long ago that Martin is not only the business owner, but also the engineer who comes up with solutions, and also knows exactly how to implement the solution in the workshop and the test lab. That’s why he knows not just the commercial people at suppliers, but also their technicians, who can sometimes learn something from him. That’s also what we experience together. I can provide Martin with interesting information and on his turn he can help me with practical tricks, but we also help each other in a different way. In order to demonstrate our high-end fiber optic equipment to our European customers, it’s quite expensive to ship that equipment over and over again. That’s why we once asked MCAP if we could put our demo equipment in their lab in addition to their own state-of-the-art equipment. Since then we have a perfect facility to give demonstrations. Meanwhile, MCAP can also use our equipment to assemble, polish or inspect their fiber optic assemblies. A win-win situation for both parties.”

Multi fiber connectors

“One of the newest devices currently in use at MCAP is a high end cleaver. This is ideal when termintating MPO or MTP connectors, as all fibers of the multiple ribbon cable are cleaved in one go. As straight as a line, so that a number of polishing steps can be omitted. Normally, these types of machines are only used by companies terminating 1.5 to 2 million connectors per year. Now MCAP, with their lower volumes and large variations, also has access to such a top machine. And their customers will appreciate that.”

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