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Recycling waste streams

There is already too much waste and the environment is heavily burdened. That’s why we want to help improve our environment. We therefore treat our people well, use green energy and separate residual flows from our production. Copper and other metals from cables and connectors are removed for recycling. The same applies, for example, to plastic components and packaging materials, such as cardboard and plastic.

Repair cable, done quickly

Accidents happen easily, so a cable can be damaged just like that. Normally, the nature of the damage, the deliverability and the cost price determine whether repair is sensible. But the financial picture need not be the most important factor. After all, we think it is a shame to simply discard these valuable materials and parts. Of course, putting on a new connector usually shortens a cable slightly, but often this is not a problem.

In many cases we can carry out the repair quickly. If necessary, within 24 hours. This is because we have many parts and tools at our disposal to help you quickly and competently.

Repairing fibre-optic cables

We are also happy to repair a damaged fibre-optic cable for you. After a visual check and a test, we will tell you whether repair is possible or not. Especially for fibre-optic cable assemblies with multiple fibres, we often do this. Also, with fibre-optic cables with Neutrik OpticalCon connectors that are often used in the audio and video sector. We have special Neutrik certification for this.

Do you have one or more damaged copper cables or fibre-optic cables, and do you want to contribute to less waste and a cleaner world? We will gladly repair them.

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