NEP Group is a leading media technology company in the world and provides innovative media services. These services enable their customers to create, manage and show content to the world – anywhere, anytime, and on any platform. The Dutch division is located in Hilversum and registrates large productions, such as sports events, studio productions and festivals. Cees Bos and his colleagues ensure that the fibre-optic connections between the cameras, the collection boxes, the broadcast vehicles and the studio are always in top condition.


NEP Group aims for top quality

“We started using fibre optic cabling around 2004,” says Cees. “These can handle the enormous amount of data we generate well. The copper cables are being replaced by fibre optic cables and the cars, studios and stadiums have been converted in the meantime. For the mobile activities, we started with about four fibre optic reels. In the meantime, we have about 600 fibre optic reels in use. For studio productions we deploy around 40 of those reels. At a Champions League football match with 19 cameras, we need around 60 fibre optic reels for both video and communication. And at festivals, such as Lowlands and Down the Rabbit Hole, we even use around 150 reels of various lengths.”


Preventive maintenance crucial

“Every time the materials return to Hilversum, we check all the cables and connectors. As a company, we aim for top quality and that includes preventive maintenance. We clean everything and measure the cables one by one. If a fibre has a too high attenuation, we already know that something is wrong. Then we will send the cable to our repair partner MCAP.


Excellent cooperation

“We have very good contact with the people from MCAP and they communicate well. So if they do find a broken fibre, they discuss with us what we want to do with it. Usually we choose to cut the cable after the break and deliver it back with a new connector at a shorter length.”


Neutrik opticalCON fibre optic connectors

“The connectors we use on these cables are Neutrik’s robust but lightweight opticalCON QUAD connectors. MCAP is the official assembly and repair partner for this type of fibre optic connectors and has a great deal of expertise. I can only say that the cooperation with them is excellent. They respond quickly to special requests and if there is an emergency, they really take it seriously. In any case, everything we receive from MCAP is in perfect order.”

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