Micro-Fit connectors from Molex are used in many different machines and devices. From cars to washing machines and from telecom systems to medical equipment. For years, MCAP has assembled these small connectors in cable-to-cable and cable-to-pcb connections.


Because of its many variations, the small Micro-Fit is a popular connector series, especially for power. “The compact design of the Micro-Fit connectors requires some skill,” explains Martin van Aperloo. “But with the years of experience that our production staff have, it’s a piece of cake for them. We also process a lot of fibre optic connectors, so they are used to this kind of tinkering. Compared to this, a Micro-Fit connector is even bigger. But also because we use smart tools stripping the wire and crimping the contact in one operation, we ensure a correct connection of the contact.”


“These kinds of connectors seem very simple, but it has a lot of ingenious details,” Martin continues. “The Micro-Fit connectors, for example, have fully insulated contacts that prevent sparking between contacts and allow the use of higher voltages. These insulated contacts also prevent damage or contamination during handling, minimising the risk of short circuits due to dirt.”

“The contacts themselves are also well thought out, as they have several contact points. If one part of the contact has deteriorated or becomes dirty, the other contact points continue to make contact and conduct the current. This gives the contacts a certain degree of redundancy and a higher current carrying capacity. Depending on the type, even up to 8.5A.”


“In addition, the partitions between the contacts ensure that a connector inserted at an angle does not bend the contacts. Polarisation prevents a wrong connection being made, and the blind mating version can be inserted error-free in places where it’s impossible to see the mating connector. And with variations from 2 to 24 pins and with contacts suitable for cable diameters between 18 and 30AWG, the number of applications is enormous.”

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