That’s what one of our customers said when the assembling of their module was handed out to us.

That’s what one of our customers said when the assembling of their module was handed out to us. Why is this manufacturer of high-quality electronic devices so happy? 
After years of development, our customer has successfully placed their systems on the market and supplies them at home and abroad. Various crucial parts have been developed by themselves and are making their products unique. This is typically such a company the Dutch are proud of.
For years, we have made certain cable assemblies for this manufacturer. That’s what they appreciated in us: assembling high quality and reliable cabling solutions for them. But for some time, we also build loose mechanical and electronic components into a complete device or a module. So recently for this customer too. What were they so happy about?


Most of our customers are very good at designing and selling smart and innovative products or systems, including this company. However, they’re not a specialist in the assembly of cabling or electronics. We optimize the original design for them, making the final product smarter, more efficient, reliable, or even cheaper.


In the transition phase, this customer provided the parts to us, but eventually they let us take care of the entire sourcing process. For them that means fewer suppliers, less item numbers and much less hassle. We are a flexible organization, so everything is negotiable for us.

Controlled process

Their products are constantly subject to changes in design. Our production environment goes with the flow. We get compliments about our tight drawing management, the always reliable delivery time and the consistent quality of our assemblies.


The secret is actually only one thing: responsibility. We feel co-responsible for the success of our customer. That’s why we go to the fullest.

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