Over the last years, a lot has been changed at MCAP. For decades the family owned company has been a major player at high-quality fibre optic assemblies and copper cables, but their working area has expanded considerably in the meantime.


“Our customers are increasingly asking whether we can help them assembling electromechanical and electronic components”, commented founder Martin van Aperloo. “Compared to cabling different standards apply to assembling this type of components. Electrostatic discharges can damage electronics irreparably, so we have to prevent that. The main cause of electrostatic charges is the human being himself, because as soon as somebody touches a circuit board without protection, the damage is already caused. To prevent this we use special resources such as wristbands, conductive chairs and tables, ESD clothing and conductive gloves.”


The production staff of MCAP satisfies their customers with their professional delights on a daily base, and a reliable delivery time and complete check are self-evident. Since recently the assembly of the electromechanical and electronic components takes place in a completely renewed ESD room in their new building.

So to get back to the title of this blog post: In this case Active indeed is a synonym for Antistatic.

Check the dictionary or our manufacturing facility located in Raamsdonksveer.


“Most of our customers are very competent at designing and selling smart and innovative products or systems, but they aren’t specialists at assembling cabling or electronics,” Van Aperloo continued.

“Apart from assembling for those customers, we sometimes optimize the original design for them. This makes the final product smarter, more efficient, more reliable or even cheaper.”



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