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Neutrik OpticalCon

These hybrid cables are widely used in the entertainment industry. Worldwide, many professional audio, video and lighting devices are equipped with these cables and connectors. Also mobile medical and industrial equipment is provided with these robust connections even more nowadays. Typically, there are 4-way optical fiber connections, but there are also hybrid combinations of copper wire for power and optical fibers for signals, assembled in one connector. The heavy duty metal connector is dust- and waterproof too. All this provides excellent functionality and durability. Do you unexpectedly have a damaged cable? Please contact us and we will provide you a solution.

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Glasvezeloptical fiber

Optical fiber has the advantage that it’s able to transport large amounts of information quickly and is insensitive to radiation from the outside. This makes optical fibers ideal for broadband digital signals. For these reasons, the Neutrik hybrid opticalCON connectors are very popular in the previously mentioned applications for many years.

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Fast delivery

In the Netherlands MCAP is the optical fiber specialist for 30 years already. With high service craftsmanship and advanced equipment, we always provide a reliable connection. This is applicable both for newly produced cabling, as well as for repairing used cables. A test certificate always will be supplied, as well a warranty for the repair. We are proud to show you how good we do our job. Most Neutrik parts we have in stock, so a quick delivery is guaranteed. The broadcast can continue anyway. Please call us and we will get started for you immediately.

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